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While They Suffer


I don't see how you expect me to believe you
It's hard enough for me to live in a city so alive
Not knowing anything except it's self-consciousness
I can only see what I see from a freeway drive

I'm an unreliable narrator of the city streets at dawn
It's hard to care about something you know is untrue
Nobody would tell you to live like that except alienation
If I spoke to a poor man he would know I was a phony

I would never pretend I know what it's like to bleed
Could I speak for someone who probably hates me
Being ashamed is being unable to smile saying grace
There is no fortune in the middle, only grass to eat

I don't have the heart to tell my children of nihilism
I'm afraid they will believe it and speak only of heaven
This world is only for the rich and those they exploit
Why is sin the only pleasure and guilt the only savior?

Is the only evil that what cannot accept your genius
The inerrancy of your anger is why we take up arms
Killing me will not justify yourself except to buzzards
Ask your mother instead why she gave birth to you

Someone once told me all I can be in this life is honest
I realized he meant saying I don't know is a way of life
Except I know what happened to you so you will be me
If you would only let me then I will know suffering matters

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