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To Love Kindness


Loving-kindness means to love kindness

The term expresses exactly what it ascribes,

"Loving Kindness"

It is being a lover of kindness, tender mercies, too,

Mercies so tender that judgment finds no triumph

Pain, nor sadness are matches for kindness,

It is a careful endeavor which combats carelessness

Gentle and tender are the efforts towards its success,

Soft strides, and steps forward, with whispers of silence,

Do I love receiving loving kindness? Yes, I do,

How about you?

Do I love giving loving kindness? Yes, I do,

How about you?

With every fiber of my being, I love kindness

Especially to give a kindness, in giving resides

a peace and joy only the kindness can explain,

Isn't that the place forgiveness lives, in loving kindness

Giving kindness when an offense utters something other,

It is when you are that repeat offender that kindness speaks

in a different spectrum, and the colors of virtuous love shine brightest

Loving-kindness is an inner beauty needing a forum,

Just as the sun needs the sky

External woes can never stifle kindness, because,

there is no cloud that the sun cannot shine through

Loving-kindness reflected, resonates excellence, and abates fear,

Fear propels torment not faith

Interwoven threads of virtues are on display,

What a fragile and delicate state of being and becoming

a loving kind soul which rises to the call of loving

the gift of kindness and its expression.

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