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To Live Or To Relive

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A New Day Has Appeared

The morning sunshine breaks

I sit here and tap away on my laptop

Thinking back to my childhood

So many memories

Mostly good but a few really bad ones to keep it balanced

Now I am an adult

Actually, I have been an adult for a while

Each day I rehash old thoughts and bring new joys to my day

I also do many things I have not done

There are many routines I have followed

I have always been a worker

So work is ingrained in my mind

It is who I am

Then there is a side of me

That dreams every possible thing imaginable

Where there are no limits

My wife and our cat Charlotte brings me back down to earth

As for fun, I love to write and try to invent

The funniest and the coolest next thing

Most of the time

It disappears from my brain until it hits the air

So I play like a toymaker

To experience the thrill and the adrenaline rush

I hit many rock bottoms

Where my ideas get crushed

I have learned to laugh it off

Some part of me craves the intensity

The unknowing

What could be

If only we did it right

As we get another day older

We can't escape our fate

What we can do

Is tear our bad habits into shreds

Like an old rag that is shopworn

That rips so loud and easily

Take all the good that we have done

Pile it up like the biggest snowbank

For all to see

Shining in the sunlight

Remember, tomorrow will come

As the weather changes

The snow will soon melt away

Only so we can rediscover ourselves in the process

Left with no choice

We become more beautiful than before

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