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To Her...with Love


Open letter…To The G.M.O.A.T.

Greatest mom of all time

I have to make you proud

You’ve given me everything from birth

Every sacrifice so selflessly rendered

For my needs, want and requirements

You didn’t allow yourself to have bad days

Honestly, I didn’t know love like this was possible

To this point in my life I’ve experienced the best

Not that you had the resources

But your perfect heart found a way to make do

The chances you have exposed me to

Some people who have more can only imagine

But thanks to you I can’t complain

For your sake even, I need to show out

How selfish can I be to imagine

That for one minute in the life I can give less than best

Where would I have learnt that from?

Definitely not you!

The way you paved for me was done perfectly

I didn’t see you take sick days

Taking the responsibility of nurturing every soul in your reach

I honestly don’t know how you do it

If you are not perfect, then I don’t understand the meaning of that word

The onus upon me for a payback that is unexplainably great

Superwoman is an understatement to put your character in words

MOM, you’re my hero!

My living and being is for you

I may not always get it right or perform the best

But from my heart and on my life I make this promise

I am going to own the world for you

You show up every time even without help

I never say it but I wonder how you do it

Sometimes I get worried because frankly

How you do what you do, is not normal

Never for one minute did you leave me hanging

I promise to give you the same thing

Even when you were left hanging with responsibility


Now I’m in the biggest phase of my life, thanks to you

Obviously to taking a chance like that was hard

But I know this for sure, you’ve always believed in me

Being my number one supporter from day one

I appreciate every fibre in your being mom

Legendary are your traits and you deserve to be highlighted

I think about your sacrifices every day

And promise to live to please you

Now it’s my turn to crush everything in my way, JUST LIKE YOU DID

Giving me the perfect example, I have to do better than my best

I have to and going to make you proud

For you mom, I have to do my absolute best

You are my world mom, my entire heart

Thank you for how you raised me

I promise not to disappoint

Ever thing that I am now, or ever be

Mom, I owe it all to you!

© 2018 Valencia Marquez

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