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To Grandmother’s House They Go

The Old Oak Tree


They met behind the fallen old barn, under a moss-filled oak tree.

The six cousins had eight cats, two dogs, and an owl named Bree.

Bree rolled her big eyes—she knew their plans,

The cousins jumped on their bikes with baskets full of wrapped food and peaches in cans.

They flew down the country road with Bree flying over them solo,

Marti sang loudly a hymn, "Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House, We Go."

On arriving at the river, the bridge was out,

Jim pulled out his cellphone and gave a shout.

Bree flew over the broken bridge to complete her look-over,

Her expression indicated that they were not in the clover.

A mighty roar overhead sent fallen leaves whirling,

The red Bell Jet Ranger helicopter landed softly, swirling.

A Marine jumped out, and with him, a smiling grandmother,

They had Thanksgiving on a blanket on the ground—a wonderful day like no other.

Bree babysat all the cats and dogs as they ran and played along the river’s edge,

She forbade them to get near the ledge.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter