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To Fly Beyond The Horizon - Poem

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Free Girl

Free Girl

Gender Equity is a term that we hear often in today's world. Even though the term is widely popular, still there are societies with man-made boundaries. Gender discrimination which is prevalent from the childhood lets the children grow with a norm of discrimination. Such as Girls must be shy and silent in the public, it’s a woman’s duty to cook and do household works, the woman should always obey a man etc.

The following poem describes the desire of a girl for freedom, as she compares herself with the independence of nature.

On the wooden bars her enchanting aroma

Nails polished in pink as her persona

Adjoining the balcony screen

Leans she towards the green

Closing eyes to relish the slow breeze

Which lets her be in ease.

Some birds chirped “Quick” “Quick”

Fluttering their wings glided back.

The light blue sky was dovish, on it

The chartreuse kites were liberal.

Black horizontal cables crossed the view, on it

Hopped the yellow lined squirrel.

Grey twigs of an aphyllous tree afar, on it

Hopped the sparrow without trouble

Obsessed thoughts of freedom, for it

Druthers the teenage girl in floral.

Forth the traditional constriction

To laugh without restriction

Forth the social blemish

To have someone to cherish

Forth the Gender discrimination

To be a new generation

Forth the male dominance

To be significance.

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