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To Feel The Joy

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A Great Phenomenon

I sit here and pause

As I witness first hand a wonderful head rush

A tingling of my toes

At a speed I can't describe

A calming gentle touch

From an invisible hand

Better than a hand shake and more powerful than a pat on the back

A connection on many levels

A gift that comes in all different sizes

Wrapped so beautifully

More than I could ever imagine

One that never stops giving

It never is returned or unwanted

In a world of material things

This far out weighs gold per ounce

Sparkles brighter than the finest diamonds that shine in the sunlight

It may never be quite explained and given proper justice

Even though the kindness generated

Is greater than the solar energy we try to harness

The windpower we capture in those great windmills

That reach high in the sky

Even though only manmade

It is the most generous gift of them all

You are the wonderful people that find the time

That read one word or even a line

Giving to me the sweetest gift

That can make a man weep in tears of happiness

For it is you

That I owe my greatest gratitude

In a humble appreciation

For the gift that never stops giving

I look at the dark shadows under my eyes

Even though I have had five hours of sleep

My body almost lifeless

Except for a little finger movement and eye lids twitching

My heart pounding with an inner satisfaction

Where my face now shows the first reaction

A smile has come to life

One that is strung together

From all my followers and friends

Who make me feel alive in spirit

Grateful to no end

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