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To Feel The Joy


A Great Phenomenon

I sit here and pause

As I witness first hand a wonderful head rush

A tingling of my toes

At a speed I can't describe

A calming gentle touch

From an invisible hand

Better than a hand shake and more powerful than a pat on the back

A connection on many levels

A gift that comes in all different sizes

Wrapped so beautifully

More than I could ever imagine

One that never stops giving

It never is returned or unwanted

In a world of material things

This far out weighs gold per ounce

Sparkles brighter than the finest diamonds that shine in the sunlight

It may never be quite explained and given proper justice

Even though the kindness generated

Is greater than the solar energy we try to harness

The windpower we capture in those great windmills

That reach high in the sky

Even though only manmade

It is the most generous gift of them all

You are the wonderful people that find the time

That read one word or even a line

Giving to me the sweetest gift

That can make a man weep in tears of happiness

For it is you

That I owe my greatest gratitude

In a humble appreciation

For the gift that never stops giving

I look at the dark shadows under my eyes

Even though I have had five hours of sleep

My body almost lifeless

Except for a little finger movement and eye lids twitching

My heart pounding with an inner satisfaction

Where my face now shows the first reaction

A smile has come to life

One that is strung together

From all my followers and friends

Who make me feel alive in spirit

Grateful to no end


DREAM ON (author) on July 18, 2019:

Lorna Lamon It might seem cliche or out of place. Your response even to my comment is so valued and adored. It shows that you look forward to even my comments. Everybody has their own way of reacting to life. Even though the same thing can happen to twenty people it is amazing how those twenty people can all react in so many different ways. Most people are happy with the standard thank you. I think with time permitting it is so important to go the extra step even if it turns into a mile. Your job as a psychologist does that every day. Finding new ways to help with old problems. That is the real gift. So many people are left not knowing where to turn and what to do. Some lives are changed forever. Because of the mistakes, they have made. Some people generalize and say it was their parent's fault or they were just a bad apple. Well, how about those bad apples that we cut up and make into that sweet delicious apple pie. That people beg for the recipe. They remember that pie for years to come. If they only knew? The real truth. So I would like to thank you for all that you do. For those who never took the time or had the voice. I sit here and write my heart out on a light blue screen. Wondering if it all makes sense. Then when we get appreciated for something we thought and later say it is a verification that we are on the right track. Not moving to fast but still rolling along. Thank you again. May today bring happiness that is so powerful everyone you see and meet it overwhelms them with love.

DREAM ON (author) on July 18, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee You are their mother and provider. You have taken them under your wing and keep loving and teaching them. That is a beautiful thing. It comes with a lot of responsibility and a great desire to help and sacrifice. The pleasure is too hard to measure. I am so happy for you. Life is so precious and there is not one day that should be wasted and forgotten. We lose sight of that when we get depressed and down. That feeling is so hard to overcome. The sad part is nobody can do it for you. You have to want change and slowly no matter how slow it goes accept it. Move forward and onward. At the end of each day, so many people appreciate all that you do. You can see it now that you're in a better place. Thank you for keeping in touch. Each of your comments push me to my new direction. Where I get lost in my world. Trying to find the opening no matter how small. Have one happy Thursday. It is Thursday isn't it?

DREAM ON (author) on July 18, 2019:

Shaloo Walia There are so many ways to do so many things in life. I often get frustrated trying to figure out the best way. Then I find myself stuck in the mud with my feet weighing my whole body down. When I write I feel free to fly about and soar to the heavens. Looking down and loving every person and little thing. I feel centered and at peace. When I see comments I am filled with a pulsating and powerful surge of new energy. That I once again am new too. So I sometimes have to go real slow not to overheat or worse blow my top. I found jumping in and taking a cool almost cold shower helps. Thank you for all that you do. Every comment is so special and personal. I am always busy thinking of my next poem. I realize I have comments waiting for a response. They get read over and over by me. Each time I read them they are adding fuel to my fire. I am hoping that fire will burn for hours late into the night. Shining in the darkest of all moments. Sometimes it's unknowing that's the toughest part. What will happen next? The hidden fear will this be that last poem I write. Then out of the blue like your comments come I am happy once again. Bringing my day to you. The good and the bad. Sometimes the sad. In the end, shaking my butt but so happy I did what I did and said what I said. What I say may never be perfect in any way. It is my way of saying all things will be o.k. As long as we hang in there and try our best. Happy morning to you and don't forget to have a good breakfast that will give you all the energy you need to start your day.

Shaloo Walia from India on July 13, 2019:

Such a beautiful poem of gratitude!

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on July 12, 2019:

A poem full of hope. The kittens keep growing by leaps and bounds and I feel like I have 4 ponies, not kittens. Hope you have a great weekend.

Lorna Lamon on July 12, 2019:

You are very welcome.

DREAM ON (author) on July 12, 2019:

Lorna Lamon I am thrilled of not only your comment but at your beautiful words that are the first to respond to my poem. When words dance in our head it is up to each of us to deliver their true meaning. If it is simple or complex only the reader can decide. If we leave the writing alone it may never see the light of day. It is like an alarm clock that rings loud and clear. Jf we turn down the volume nobody will ever hear. Thank you for your loving visit. May your day shine even in the heaviest rain.

Lorna Lamon on July 12, 2019:

This is a wonderful uplifting poem full of joy - great writing.

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