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To Face the Sea

Sometimes out of doubt, fear or simply indecision, our mind asks us, should you do it or not? ;

Aboard in a ship, here I am standing at the edge of the plank
Looking aimlessly at the cerulean landscape as it sparkles
It is calm, it is inviting, I love the feeling that it brings
I remember the days when I accepted its invitation and it is pure ecstasy!
I accepted its invitation with pure hesitation and I was surprised!
I accepted its invitation again, half-heartedly and I was bruised!
I did it again and I received a scratch when I was accidentally hit by a stone.
In every dive, I learn.
In every swim and stroke I become stronger and/or weaker.

I become a new person every time I resurfaced whether with a smile, with a frown, with a tear, with a pout or with a blank paper.

But is it always necessary to plunge?

I am in a dilemma.
Would I be a slave to the sirens call?
Would I take my mates cheer which ignites my head and feet to just fall?
It is easy to just sing but the hymn, the song, the right tone is evasive!
I closed my eyes to block the sounds.
I want to feel…
The warmth.
The breeze.
The beat.
The organ.
Is it always necessary to plunge?
Would I regret “not”? Or Would I regret “doing”?
I hope that either is neither.

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