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To Do or To Cry

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We Make Choices Every Day

To continue on like we have been doing

Finding fault is easy

There can be any number of excuses

Then again why stop there

When we can do so much more

Rising above any moment to one better

Exploring new ways to do things

Insisting not to settle for less

Not to worry if other people don't help you

They are busy with their own life

Some journeys in life are best done alone

Finding what works and what doesn't

A multi- blend of the good and the bad

There is no better day than today

Comparing notes from years past

The results are astonishing

Think of all the days you have lived so far

Each teaching us lessons about life

So we may be fascinated and intrigued

When I am confused

I turn my inside energy into something greater

Watching the world slowly unfold

No different than a flower the blooms

Beauty in the making

I stopped dragging my feet

Waiting for the right moment

Because I know

To live is to experience

These experiences happen on many different levels

Each giving me more than I have given

Only to uncover

The world of ultimate pleasure

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