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To Delight Oneself Only In Thought

If You Could Would It Be Enough

At this point in our lives

We have to have had thousands of good experiences

Maybe even close to tens of thousands of great times

Lets examine a little closer what we mean by that

All our thoughts cross through our mind

If we could trigger those experiences with a key phrase

Then we could relive the joy in that moment

For as long as we want

I think we have been living a pretty amazing life so far

Why do we have to keep trying to recreate the magic moment

When we have the ability to focus on any previous thought

That already happened

We enjoyed the outcome

We welcomed all the pleasure and fun

Some how we are missing the point

Nobody has taught us any different

What if we can recapture that fantastic second

That thrill that lives inside all of us

We have had our share of fair and unhappy times

Let them all go for a bit

Through those experiences we reached a point of glory

A feeling like none other

Here me out

Before you get all bent out of shape and tell me it can't be done

We have been doing it all our lives

We just haven't noticed it

Pretend you could go into a peaceful and quiet room

That had every incredible feeling you ever thought

Waiting for you

To pull out that feeling

Like a recipe on an index card

Then within minutes all the sounds smells, pictures in your mind all attached to all the memories of that magical moment

Could come flooding back into your mind

Then for the next five or ten minutes

As long as you want

These ideas reenact like a movie that you have watched many times

Scene after scene

Is repeated for your greatest enjoyment

It reads like a book that you have read again and again

Where you can finish the next line

If we learn to apply this to our life

We have just multiplied all our successes in life

Then slowly and effortlessly eliminated our failures

Automatically without trying

In the past we have done almost the complete opposite

Think of a time that everything went wrong

No matter what you did

It was a miserable disaster

Now think of when it happened

How vivid and clear it is today

Think of how many times you have repeated that awful memory

Over and over in your head

Somewhere in your life you were told

You just have to deal with it

Accept it and move on

Well nobody ever said you can forget it

Let it go

Find a greater memory to take it's place

Now you know diffferent

When you have a weak moment

Play the memory that made you smile, laugh and jump to the stars

Later on in life

We have so many memories

it is hard to keep track of the good and the bad

Because all our thoughts get all mixed up

Until now that is

Think of it as a virtual reality tour

Where you pull out a memory

Then you feel all the greatest feelings of your life

Each time adding new feelings to the old ones

Creating a lasting memory for years to come

Put that idea in your head

As easy as someone can put a feather in their cap

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