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To Be Like Them? (Poetry)

Old soul and young heart. It's like a 60 year old granny living inside the body of a 17 year old.

Your parents want you to be like them. Perform like them. Get high grades like them. Just run with this world's pace. But some of us are different souls. We can't just run with this world's pace senselessly without even knowing what we're running for.

So here's a poem I wrote a long time ago, which expresses exactly what people like me must be feeling.

This is from my own book on wattpad

This is from my own book on wattpad

The sun's shining bright up there

Everyone's busy, running like a hare

No one has time to stay and look

He's doing more than just helping to cook

Running and chasing is all what they do

Having burden of something unexplainable too

They don't sit, they don't rest

'Cause it's more than important to be the best

They don't see how beautiful even a leaf looks

It's not fairy tales they're reading, it's their course books

They all want to win this never ending race

But failure is what no one wants to face

Billions of people but they all are alone

All have money but nothing priceless to own

They don't know what they all are chasing

Inside battles is what they all are facing

Time, is what none of them has

Teen to adult, all are same there's no whereas

All of them are lost in this maze

Guides are not guiding, they're just to amaze

And now they want me to become 'them'

They want me to grow by cutting my stem

They want me to continuously run

And just like them, forget the spelling of fun

They want me to start living it

And just like them, forget loving it

They want me to win

By throwing my imaginations in a bin

They want me to shine bright

By taking me eternal light

They want me to be like them

No peace, no imagination, no rest, just like them

But I'll not grow like them

I'll not run like them

I'll not shine like them

I'll not live like them

I'll not just listen, I'll read between the lines

I'll teach to be high without those wines

I'll understand my soul and love every inch of me

I will die, but not without being ME

So that was it. This poem is oh so very personal to me but I think I'm not the only one. So here it is, if you liked even one stanza then please comment and let me know.

God bless you :)

Thank you for reading.

© 2018 Diksha Shakya

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