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To Be Forgotten

A Memory You Thought Possible

We live our life

Leaving our influence in the things we do

Sharing it with people we love and care a great deal about

When we are gone

Our dreams and thoughts sometimes die with us

Because other people are so self involved

They can not see the big picture

We spent our life helping and would have it no other way

Now that we can see over

Realizing things we couldn't believe

They are sad but true

People do not always do what is right

They actually do more of the opposite

Greed and their top priorities are what is in it for me

I am stunned in disbelief

If you can't trust your own family who can you trust

At the end of the day

I know I sleep good every night

I feel pain and sadness like everyone else

I have learned to channel it into something good

I take the time to write my feelings on paper

Let them disperse from one corner to the other

I clear my mind of all previous thoughts

Giving my strongest emotions the right of way

Exploring far beneath the surface

Years of history

Written in a special way

Carved in stone

Permanent and shocking for all to see

I ask myself

Who am I to judge

Another persons owns actions

They have a right to do what they want

Am I wrong to impose my wishes any farther ?

Is it more about control ?

Money and power ?

My latest belief

In the end we live our life

Loving what we do and let everything else go

Anything before or after

Really doesn't matter

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