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To All You Old Valentines Who Have Been Around the Block

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This Is For You

Just when you thought Valentine's Day was over

Guess again

Many years have come and gone

One day a year isn't that long

For all those mothers and wife's

Grandmothers and aunts

Sweet daughters and young children

Lovers who are floating on air

Friends who you can't resist

Young love is in bloom

There is no need to rush

To take those cards off the table and desk

Watch the flowers wilt and die

The box of candies being gobbled up one by one

Those teddy bears tossed aside

The cute little gifts forgotten about and tucked in some forgotten place

When there is so much more to see

With all the love that we give constantly

Go back to what made you so happy

Put that smile on their face with a wonderful hello

Followed by a great big hug that temporarily squeezes the life out of them

The time with each other

Talking and sharing those special moments

That bring to people together

Spending more time agreeing than arguing

Working out your differences

Making each other happy many times during a day

How nice is it to see

Your Valentine larger than life

Treated with respect and kindness

Appreciated for all the things they do

Finally thought of often

For who they are and making sure they are feeling o.k.

Receiving a little more love by the end of each day

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