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To All The Dads In The World

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Wishing You A Happy Father's Day

Being a father is something very special

I know from afar

Never being one myself

The closest I ever came

Is being a Godfather to my nephew Tyler

Then there is being a proud dad for our cat Charlotte

I have tried to be a good uncle to my nieces and nephews

What I have learned is...

It never stops

Learning and making mistakes along the way

Around the clock twenty- four seven

Always wondering are they doing alright?

How can I be of any help?

Sometimes you have to sit back and see how the cards fall

You want them to be the best they can be

You know as soon as they get older

They don't need you anymore

Even though I will never stop finding new ways to give

If it is a true story that was sad but had a cool ending

The ending is that I am here to tell you

It really did happen

I am not exaggerating

I didn't add anything for effect

If you can learn from me

Don't do it

You will be so happy you listened

Even if this was the first and only time

I am truly blessed

I strongly believe there is a God in Heaven

Who has watched out for me countless times

If it is eating old food that I shouldn't have been eaten

The date was over a year ago

It can't be that bad

I had some strange stomach pains for two weeks

I guess I will be o.k.

I will definitely give that a lot more thought

Before I do that again

Doing something that seemed so right at the time

Later was just wrong

Bad timing

Fun that got way out of hand

Where someone could have lost their hand

Both physically and literally

Making hard choices when I had little time

Most of my days I sit back and thank my lucky stars

I didn't end up in prison for taking someone's life

There was a time at work

Where joking around went way too far

With all that behind me

I know I have had just a small glimpse of what it means to be responsible

One of many qualities a dad should have

My judgment is questionable

My experience way too limited

My near catastrophes will always haunt my memory

Just enough to bring reality into the picture

All those dads who have had a tough time

You earned all the credit

You stepped up to the plate

Passed up and made sacrifices in your life

To give your children a better life

You are a real dad

A father to be remembered and appreciated

Not just on Father's Day

But whenever a story can be told

I can think back to the things my father did for me over the years

He taught me how to ride my first bike

I gashed his leg with my metal pedal

I wasn't a quick learner

He never let that stop him

He tried to help me drive

A once in a lifetime opportunity

Never again

It ended up in a fender bender

I have my share of father to son talks

If I only listened

He helped guide me more with words of wisdom

To this day

I am still trying to figure my dad out

He held his ground and took a firm stand on many issues

Was he right?

I know his heart was in the right place

Watching from a distance

How hard the tough times can be

I will always be very proud of my dad

I have had differences where we would never see eye to eye

Maybe I can shed some light on the subject

Having an old eye injury

Cut out the red tape and made it a lot easier

I live with it every day

There isn't a day that goes by

I wish my dad was here to help me

Even if we didn't do it right

I know we did it together

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