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Titled - 'With You Besides Me' - A Poetry About Love

Prashasti is a working IT professional, who in her free leisure time can be found writing or reading poems, stories, articles.


Often in love, people forget to express gratitude to their partners for being the best. Now you can ask a question saying, what is the need to express gratitude when things are fine between you and your partner?

I would tell you something today. Knowing that you love your partner and vice versa doesn't suffice in a relationship. But, speaking and sharing your feelings often does help boost the energy. Thanking your partner for all his efforts can bring back the lost romance. Also, expressing your gratitude would make your relationship a happy one.

So, here I bring you a short poem written by a girl. She is deeply in love with her beau. And here, she expresses her feelings for him. I hope you enjoy reading this beautiful interaction between them.


With you beside me, I have nothing to fear,
Because you do what the world doesn't, you hear,
I cannot imagine my life without you,
Not that I am not self-sufficient,
But you are always there when I have no one,
You understand me better than the most,
And even when you can't, you don't give up and run behind me like a ghost,
Whenever I am sad, you are too,
You make sure to bring a smile to my face,
You do silly things, and I always end up laughing out loud, without any clue,
You are my life, my teacher, my partner, my guide, my best friend, my cuddle toy, my everything,
And I know I mean the same to you or more but not any less,
I see the love in your eyes for me, and that brings me pride,
I know that you have and will always be by my side,
I sometimes get annoyed, angry, and pissed off a little,
But, I am sure you know that in no way I tend to make our relationship brittle,
You trust me because I trust you more,
You know that my love for you is pure,
I thank you for choosing me as your heartbeat,
I promise you, whatever happens, I will never cheat,
I am sure you are as crazy as I am,
We make a weird couple like a combination of bread and jam,
You push me to achieve and fulfill my dreams,
Otherwise, women are only suppressed for reasons very mean,
I can go on forever talking about us,
But lastly, I would like to say that you are, and forever will be the first and last love!

© 2021 Prashasti B

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