Titanic RHYMES

Updated on November 6, 2017


Once upon a time a hunting team.
Saw a wrecked ship and started searching.
For a necklace with a rare diamond.
Yet, they recover a safe containing.
Containing a drawing of a young woman.
That woman was wearing the necklace.
The day that the ship's accident.
The day the ship hit the iceberg.
That woman explains her experiences.
She explains that the ship is called the TITANIC.
It started in 1912 when ROSE DeWitt BUKATER.
Aboard the ship as a first class passenger.
Her and her fiance CAL HOCKLEY.
Did not know that the ship will be sinking.
Meanwhile, her loving mother RUTH.
Explained to her daughter the truth.
She told her to go ahead and get married.
She says it will resolve their issues financially.
Rose was distraught over the engagement.
She was even considering on jumping.
Jumping overboard. Committing suicide.
& JACK DAWSON keeps her inside.
Rose then goes to Cal.
She explains the moment that she had.
Cal hears Jack saved her from suicide.
He personally invited Jack to dine.
Something is brewing
Rose maybe engaged but realizes that jack.
Maybe the man and Cal's holding her back.
Together, they were more relaxed.
One day Jack decides to sketch.
They then have sex.
While their ship's in a huge wreck.
The superiors know that it's dangerous.
They try to keep it a secret.
But Rose and Jack witness it.
Then overhear them talking about it.
While Cal discovers the sketch.
He also finds the necklace.
Jack and Rose attempt to tell Cal.
While Cal sits there with a frown.
Sad but he decides to frame.
Frame Jack and put theft on his name.
He slips the necklace into Jacks pockets.
The authorities then have Jack arrested.
Cal gets back the necklace.
Puts in it his own coat pocket.
Meanwhile, the ship is sinking.
Rose leaves Cal and focuses on freeing.
Freeing Jack. He thanks her for coming back.
Then joining Cal in sending her back.
Rose goes while Cal makes her see.
That he and Rose will get back safely.
Not knowing that Cal lied.
Cal tells Jack that he will only survive.
While Rose boat gets lower.
She jumps off to save her lover.
Cal pursues them both.
While realizing that his coat.
That he gave it to rose.
He just gives up and chose.
Chose to get on a lifeboat.
While Jack and Rose brave obstacles.
While passengers fall to their death.
The stern's rising in the up in the air.
Jack tells Rose to grab it.
Assuring her that she'd die an old woman.
He sacrificed his life.
Just to save her life.
Cal and Jack both pass.
Rose is now free at last.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Jack Dawson
Kate Winslette
Rose Bukater
Billy Zane
Cal Hockley

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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