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Tired Eyes, Tired Heart

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


Tired eyes.
Puffy eyes.
Tired heart.
Aching heart.

He wanted her.
She wanted him.
But somehow,
The universe was so against it.

She doesn't get how the universe would pair them up
But then doesn't let him stay in her life.
He often expects for the worse
But it was too much of a pain he had felt.

Slowly, they made a decision.
He decided it to end it.
She decided it to end it.
They were hurt but it had to be done.

It was unbearable.
The pain was too much.
Too much that they both cried.
It was all they could ever do. Cry.

Cried for the love they both never had.
Cried for the times they genuinely both felt happy.
It was such a sad scene.
But she calmly told herself.

Maybe it just happened.
Maybe this was just for the mean time.
She still hopes.
Hopes and prays.

She still keeps her promise to him
That through thick and thin.
She will and always be there for him
And she hopes he'll be back soon.

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