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Fish's Beliefs

I sat by the sea and feel the howling breeze

Then a fish approached me and asked

"Do you see that horizon,

Where the ocean and the sky met?"

I nod while looking at the rippling current

I then hear the fish sigh, bubble floating upwards

Looking at me, those crystal clear eyes

Reflect the feeling of disgust

Deep within is a lingering trace of sympathy

Then it said in a low apathetic tone, like being wronged

"How naive of you, to think that they've met,

What lies in what you see sometimes told lies.

It is like painting black canvas with black paint

Or like the blind leading the other blind ahead.

I see people everyday, face full of smiles

But behind that smiles are crushing boulder of sadness

I pity you humans, for your faces aren't mask

So why bother and try hard to hide the real ones.

I sometimes met those who drown on their own sorrows

Like a feeling that life is just another story in this world

But life isn't a story you must end on your own

Because I always hear whispers that life must go on

And that's the saddest part for me.

Life is but a world of stubborn illusion

What you want to seek

Is the hardest one to find

You cant see the essence as it has always been neglected.

To find what you seek is to go near the water

And look at it, then you will see what you are seeking for

You are made to be you, so be the you

Not what others want to be the you.

Now that I've talk too much for the sunsets glowing

But sunsets aren't the end, it sometimes tell

A new day to begin, and a beautiful day to end."

I then look at the fish as it swam away

Feeling how wonderful a little creature teaches

About life, maybe, people just forget

That they are created alongside other creature.

© 2020 DawnToDusk