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Time to Sleep, Time to Weep

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Sleeping on the shores of Lake Superior

Sleeping on the shores of Lake Superior

It's 2:22 and there's no sleep in sight.
He's sleeping soundly, he knows it's alright.
The clock glares brightly and he has me smitten.
2:33 and this is all I have written.

My body aches, my back feels crippling.
It's dark outside as the other world is rippling.
Bits and pieces of my conscious thoughts,
Remain memories and feelings I longingly have sought.

What is left in this common moment?
I know I'm not the only one.
Who also doesn't sleep during the witching hour?
There are many of us who are awake at this hour.

What is the common thread?
It is something I've come to dread.
Will I even sleep while I am dead?
I wonder about my slumber and when it will take hold.
Seems I'll be ancient, seems I'll be old.

Do we remain committed as years ago?
To seek out the angels, to seek out the gold.
A divine prayer of silence and slumber floats on my pillow.
It is there for me to take, it is there under the willow.

Just as my poems are real, my words come to heal.
My words are life, my words are love.
I'm divinely protected by the angels from up above.
They say a prayer as I prepare for sleep.
I turn over as their words take hold, as their words speak.
I finally slumber with songs of old, and dreams to keep.

Do you believe in the angels from up above?
They send us blessings, they send us love.
Don't doubt that they are real.
For soon they come with their words to heal.

It's now Sunday morning.
Time to rise, time to see.
Did I really just get some sleep?
It was torture, it was restless.
It wasn't much, so just let me be.

The day is young,
My song unsung.
With today in sight, I block it's light.
My eyes are dry, my eyes are dreary.

I was asleep and it felt so good.
But don't be surprised, if I still need some rest.
My eyes were closed, they dreamed of a quest.
It was quite a quest, a challenge, a test.
I am some how obsessed.

I still wake fatigued, I wake without enough sleep.
Confusion remains and I still feel drained.
Before long I will take my nap, I will take my rest.
When I awake I'm not sure how I'll react.
Time will tell if I will snap.

Why does no one see?
What I lack, what I could be?
This could go on and on.
So I end it here, I end it now.
I leave you to it, read it and enjoy it somehow.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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