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Time Remains on the Land

Adnan shafi is a poet , writer , coloumnist , short story writer and reviewer

Time remains on the land


Time remains on the land

not the evening,
That can be swaddled
By frenzy,
Neither a song whose
melody can be in the
grip of our lips;
Rather, it is limitless
and alienated,

Time remains on
the land where the new
caravans leave to spend
On the chagrined journey,
left far behind a long time
ago, without any road,

The desolation of the city
doesn't abridge by the
trikering sound of the

The murmuring in the
cinched homes and
taverns is only by the
talks people do ;

The covers of books,
The tumult of papers,
The messages of mobiles,
along with the time passes;
Although doesn't pass,
after bracing all children
to climb the ladder
as a consequence ;
I keep staring at an
aimless horizon after
sitting on the threshold;
Calculating all the dreams
that I saw.

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