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Time of Corona

Raj Reader (Bangladesh) is one of the major poets and translators in Bangladeshi Writing in English. Writes in English and Bengali at ease.




Falls another one down, muttering like
The dry leaf of the autumn and I hence
“April is truly the cruelest month”
Realized the way the man of science
Did. Time goes by with the hardest ticking
Of the millenniums—heartbreaking like
The termination of Neanderthals.

Lock another one down from town to town
No mercy to any, yet to the crown.
Time passes by with the hardest try and
From the oldest source I hear the soul cry.

The death gulping us down like the monster
Of the tale and I can smell the dark light
Of the black hole with the reason and rhyme
And it’s the time to stand tall and recall:
“United we stand, divided we fall.”

© 2020 Raj Reader

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