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Time is a Knife, a Trickster and a Thief

My father used to say, "put the petal to the metal" teaching me to drive. Many more things can happen when you are going over the limits.


Ways of crashing

Spinning, sounds fade in the street
Crushed and breathless
Confusion, and the noise of metal
Love, are you on this side?
Or is it a dream you woke me from
with the intermittent heart beat?

Do I dare break through?
You were here! I heard you say
"Love transcends"
Then a meeting with the pavement
You, my guidance
Like an angel with me
Saying what I could not
"Only the guru leaves"
Man! Love is not for this world

I remember you and believe
In my heaven there you will be
Where are you?
Stay around me, Protector.
You, my desire, did you know?
On that last day
The last time, how it cut into me
Time the knife. One strike.
We had just begun

The brain has strange reception
for time, this I know is true
I am in that moment forever
Spinning, trying to break through