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Time is Worthy


What is Time?

Time is a healer of all wounds

People use the expression give it time

In time things will get better

Give me time

Give it time

All I need is time

Things will heal in time

If I have time I will make it

Time is all I need

If only I could travel back in time

Lord give me time

If only I had enough time

Give me time to right this wrong

If I could go back in time and re-due what I have done

Time is worth more than money

In times journey time becomes perseverance, endurance, enthusiasm, eternal, intangible becoming spirit

Somewhere in Time, it becomes that insatiable spirit that has risen and has conquered

It is ever pervading

Somewhere in time, we all exist on the same accord in harmony with each other

Happiness fills the air

Every occasion is joyous

Love is everlast

And peace, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is truly your birthright

Somewhere in time there is loud laughter and we all live in complete nirvana

In time all is well, it’s just that things people put in their hearts weigh against themselves and they end up on the other end of the spectrum where densely compacted matter abides

Where the prince of the material world resides

Where your reality gets altered coinciding with the choices you made

and the beliefs you uphold

You become indoctrinated

Trapped in one matrix after another

Losing centeredness in self

residing at a lower consciousness one lower level after another

In all invading darkness

In unseen forever fire

Lost in uncertainty

If you ever want to go home

Your heart knows the way

Relieve the heart of what weighs it down

Let go of things that no longer serve you

Burn off your ego and your spirit will show the way

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