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Time and Eternity Poems



Eternity cometh like a thief in

the night

It soars with angels

to take flight

Our weary

souls on its back

to heaven may we go

Never touching hell beneath

The earth hollow ground

Stormy Soul

It struck like lightning

The cloud above my


It beat the ground

With each windfall

The soulful cry


The rain kept falling

Like tears upon

My pillow

The dream felt like

A new dawn breaking

My stormy soul

Aww the aching

Time Teaches

Time teaches us many lessons

It fulfills our goals

Time searches our minds

To find the point of opportunity

Where ambitious hearts goes

For the top

Never failing to gain

In this life

all that can be accomplished

Time a adatable friend

Let it guides us to


Nature's Arm

The ageing mountains break forth with glee

Hemlocks are handle with care

The ebbing of the grass

Like Amethyst crystals

A new day has come

in kingdoms

Yet unfamiliar

with nature

Strongest arm

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