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Memories: A Poem Compilation

I am an aspiring poet and writer from the Philippines who also enjoys graphic designing.

Poem 1: Memories of Her

An old piano in the living room

No one's paying attention

It is old, coated with dust

It is also crowded by other old stuff,

but it occupies almost all the space

One day, a man came

He stared at the old piano

as tears fell from his big brown eyes

He sat in front of the piano,

wiped its dust

and he started to cry so hard

then rested his fingers unto its keys,

starting a beautiful melody

After completing a piece,

his last tear dropped

Then he uttered, "I miss you"

About Poem #1:

I originally handwritten this poem in 2020. I intended to make the poem short because I think that even with brief or few lines, I could already tell the story I wanted to tell and share to my audience or the readers of my blog.

The poem follows no formal structure of poetry, which I personally prefer because it allows me to express more. The more I think of a certain structure to follow, the more I stray away from what I really wanted to express to people or to my readers.

Furthermore, I think that the less words I use, the less cliché the story becomes and the less repetitive words I will be using just to imply the same story.


Poem 2: Your Memory

Always looking forward to seeing you again,

even if I know some other girl will be holding your arms like I used to

Going, passing to places I feel like I could see you,

hoping to see your big round eyes that used to stare at me

full with longing and love

I always remember every bits of the things we've done together,

places we have been

and the songs the we have sung

It echoes to my ear, a never-ending melody unto my soul

it's our memories and love I would cherish

A love that cannot be ended as one may wish

will never be ephemeral


Poem 3: The Melody

I compose a melody of pain

A melody that when someone hears,

telling the sorrow of life,

tears will flow in his eyes,

and an ache in his heart and soul will be felt

This melody is not only a memory of how you've caused pain in me,

It will be a song that every broken and torn hearts will sing about,

A hymn to everyone who has been through pain over someone not worthy of tears

A hymn that will unite every broken soul around

About Poem #2 and #3:

These poems were written also in the same year as the first poem. These two poems were written in first person point-of-view and are more personal than the first one. Like the first poem, "Memories of Her," these poems do not follow any specific poem structure or formats because as I have mentioned earlier, I prefer to write poems without structure as it allows me to express more my thoughts and emotions rather than just focusing on what structure to follow. In addition to that, the poems are about "memories" of people that I loved and have treasured in the past.

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Please do check them out on Letterpile and Hubpages. If you can or if you want, you may leave a comment or any suggestion about the themes of the poems that you would want me to make in the future, maybe something about love - my comfort zone, or others that may help me challenge my limits when it comes to writing poems and stories.

Help me grow as an aspiring poet and writer!

Many thanks to all of you!

© 2021 Dens Yang

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