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Time Without God


Time without God,

Things really changed,

Years of chaos,

Time has rearranged.

History books,

Will never say,

With clarity,

What it was today.


Today we rush,

Looks of fury.

Nothing expected,

All in a hurry.

Anger ignites,

Guns in the street,

Riots erupt,

Police face defeat.


Time without God,

Our fears are big.

Shootings in school,

We fear for our kids.

Thugs get restless,

As chaos thins,


Is threatened then.


No place is safe,

The whole world sees,

Manmade sickness,

Comes over the seas.

Life on this earth,

Shattered and torn,

Bullies descend,

Upon it once more.


Evil ways win,

Scary or not,

We did it ourselves,

Turning from God.

Please Lord comeback.

Protect our kids.

Please forgive us,

The things that we did.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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