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Time Walker; Afraid of Tomorrow: A Poem

Ebizimor loves writing, especially poetry and has being writing poetry since childhood.


Time Walker: Afraid of Tomorrow

I fear for my life

I fear for my soul

Where is it going?

I dare to restore

I fear for tomorrow

I fear for its light

I fear it will never burn bright

If it ever arrives

I fear for my tears

They will dry up one day

I fear for my eyes

They will long for sight

I fear all these bones

Will turn watery

For my rumpled skin to consume

I fear for its cold, I fear its doom

I fear for the day will

Cease its light

And the night when

The moon withdraws its glow

I fear my roam would not have an end

I fear my clock will stop

Ticking so quickly

That my road will end so abruptly

I fear old age will come

And I’d like to go back the road

Where I’m coming from and where I ran from –

– back to childhood

Where my nascent bones shall have no fear

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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