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Time To Go Home

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management

Home is where?

FinePix s5600 - ( CCO 1.0 )

FinePix s5600 - ( CCO 1.0 )

I lived my life in a lie

from myself I did let myself die.

Love I chased in dead ends

when I ignored it in friends.

I told myself this wasn’t love

All is was is friendly overprotective.

Maybe I was really on the run

Deep down belief that I deserved none.

Why is he always on my mind?

Ignoring what was intertwined.

My heart was never open

Ignored what was my hearts devotion.

The hurt I put myself through

Circumvented what was really true.

I looked in all the wrong places

Headed in the wrong chases.

Always ended in new hurt and pain

Ignoring rational thought in my brain.

I ignored my heart so many years

Maybe afraid he’d also bring tears.

My heart and soul and my body

Crave and need him all I embody.

Fear still leaves those words silent

But his soul I am more reliant.

When will I allow whats in my heart

Come out my mouth and be smart?

I love him with more than I understand

But how do I say it to my best friend?

© 2021 Abbz Korinne

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