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Time to Break Out

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Get Physical

It is o.k. to stay in and write

As long as you get exercise your body needs

Find ways when you are not reading or writing hubs

Today was a day I had to move

The weather is so beautiful

I decided to stay in our yard

First I sprayed myself with bug spray just in case

An unwanted visitor decided to bug me

I started with a little weeding

Then watering all the plants around our home

Then I decided to transplant a few plants to other places

There was a tree that took root under the back deck

I first tried to dig it up and with no success

I cut it off as low as I could go

Then covered it with small rocks

To see if that will kill it

With no sun no water maybe it will die

Raking leaves that got tucked way underneath

I went out at 1:30 and came in at 7:30

That's six hours of non stop bending, lifting and pulling

So glad to come in and strip down and hop into a nice shower

I ate a wonder supper and now I can rest again

I took a couple of Aleve

To take the edge of any sore body parts

It was great to get down and digging in the dirt

A sense of man close to nature

One with the world of living plants

Even though I could do so many other things

I am glad I went outside and could smell the flowers and the fresh air

Feeling the rich earth in my hands

Drinking Gatorade to stay hydrated

Giving me time to think and unwind from any problems that have surfaced

Hoping to return with a new perspective

With an inner power that is refreshed and ready to take on every challenge

That is how I deal with life