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Time Ticking Away


Find Your Passion

You know what it is like

To squeeze in as much as you can

In one morning before work

Things with purpose

It might not be a new way

It is the best you can do

On the spot

Rushing around to make our day more enjoyable

Regardless of who we are

Celebrate the feeling

If it is watering the plants before the sun comes up

A little t.v. before we have to go

Cooking pork chops for lunch

Experimenting with a new recipe for potatoes

Wishing we had more time at home

It is what it is

Limited time makes everything we do more special

Rushing in for a shower

Because my wife says I smell ripe

Brushing my teeth in a hurry

Grabbing a belt because I am wearing a pair of pants that sag

Putting away the leftovers

Making sure I have my mask

Easy to forget

Hanging up to dry in the other room

A quick shave

I give my wife a couple of lovely kisses goodby

Where did all the time go?

Out the door

Better luck next time


DREAM ON (author) on July 21, 2020:

Lorna Lamon My wife and I are not morning people either. When we are really tired and sleep later than normal we have to try to take four hours and do it in two. On an average day, we are busy anyway. We divide and conquer. My wife gets breakfast going and I make the bed. She prepares lunch while I go outside and water our flowers and plants. She watches a little t.v. I go to the computer. Sometimes I will wash the dishes and other times she will. Depending on what else has to get done. I might have to leave early if I need gas for the car. If we cookout on the grille I have to watch the food. There are always a list a mile high. What we don't finish today gets moved to tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Have a lovely Wednesday.

Lorna Lamon on July 21, 2020:

Your poem made me smile Dream On as I hate getting out of bed in the morning and wait until the last minute. Unfortunately this results in me rushing around and flying out the door with a piece of toast in my hands. I will try and get up a little earlier in order to appreciate the beauty of the morning - something I have always been allergic to. I loved this poem.

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