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"Time"- Ishita Bose


There’s a funny thing about wristwatches,

Ironical yet satirical,

Constantly ticking on your wrist,

Alarming you of the hour’s end.

But like all human beings we fulfil what’s exactly expected from us,

Because that’s what makes us ‘sapiens’, stand out from all,

Procrastination is a rather tender word but sets people apart in their line of work,

It’s apparent when you talk about a manager who’s head of a group of clergy men.

Funny thing is that time is in our hands; or in this case on our wrists,

But we mock it like fools rather than being prudent enough,

We seldom find ourselves in places where we not think that ;

Alas! A little more time could’ve helped us delay this mishap.


We humans surely claim of being superior,

But then how does an abstract entity make us fall on our knees,

Time is such a concept that no human head has answer to,

Maybe it’s something divine, maybe an ethereal source of power.

But as long as it lasts, let’s cherish it,

Live and let live,

Cause a little waste is always welcomed, But pouring down your entire existence down the time sewer is totally your call,

Cause in the end we all have to admit that our lives lie in the imaginary hands of the fourth dimension.

Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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