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Time Flows Forward

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Time is the most mysterious entity in this universe. It flows in one direction only and that is the forward direction. Neither it stops nor it goes back. When time progresses ahead our age increases and we grow up older and older. All other living beings also grow up with time. Some have a long life span while others have shorter life spans. Some small creatures live only for a few days. Time does not wait for anyone and moves on relentlessly. It is obvious that different animals perceive time differently as per their life span. Human beings perceive time on the scale of 75-85 years which is the average life span of a person living on earth.
The lives of heavenly bodies like stars in the sky are in millions of years till the source of light and energy is available in them. Till that time, they shine and illuminate their world around them like the Sun shining in our solar system and we all know that life is possible on earth because of sun rays and its warmth available to us round the year.
Measurement of time is also based on natural processes. For example when Earth rotates around its axis and completes one rotation then it is called one day and that is why we see a new sunrise every morning. The interesting thing is that every day is a new day and every day gone is the past day, a part of history. The coming day is hidden in the future and we do not know about that as what incidents will happen during that and what will be the activities in future. We simply wait for it to come and enclose us in its boundaries. Further, one rotation of the Earth around the sun is equal to one year. The earth comes back to its original position after travelling around the Sun into such a great path experiencing different weathers on the way. By that time we also grow up by one more year and our age is increased accordingly.
Everything is related to this progress of time in forwarding direction only and this poem is an effort to showcase those peculiar characteristics and nature of time.

Time flows forward

Elapsed time does not come back,

Like the water flowing down a river.

It is like the help and charity,

Bestowed by a capable kind giver.

What we do today is fully engraved,

In the pages of the history sack.

Whatever we could not achieve in time,

Would form the accumulation we lack.

What we did in past cannot be modified,

As they are like the time rings in a tree.

Only when we complete our work today,

We would be contented, happy and free.

Time is the essence of everything, use it,

It is like the perpetual energy of the Sun.

The rays which came to us yesterday,

We had used it fully there and done.

I could have possibly done it earlier,

Or I would better do it sometime later.

These are the aberrated versions of,

All our useless false worldly matters.

Can I ever go back in the time,

Or can I stop it moving forward.

These questions often elude me much,

Answers to which are definitely very hard.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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