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Time Does Really Fly


Time really flies
Seems like just he other day when I was young and stupid that I couldn't wait to grow up. What a weirdo I was.
Lately am just hoping that time travel is a thing or maybe there's a reset clock somewhere just so I can back a couple of years back and not be ' grown up' for a change.

Seems like it was just yesterday when I was madly in love and the days just seemed to flash by.. Lately I just don't give a damn about that side anymore. Lets say that it just didn't love me back...
Even after telling sky about how happy I was back then.... Now time seems to be racing with slugs as if intentionally trying to make me feel stupid.

Seems like a day ago when I literally called everyone friend... Of late even the few that remained keep complaining that I ' changed '. To be honest, that change they talk about is something I don't know much about. And honestly am not sure am a friend to myself because I keep talking to myself and I hate the conversations in my head.

Time really does fly but there wounds that it just doesn't heal for me. Lost a couple of good souls ;friends and family and honestly I haven't yet recovered. Alot of " What ifs" is all I have, and maybe things would be entirely diffrent.
Am not complaining, but if anyone knows how to control time, please hit the pause button for I need a breather to catch my second wind because am honestly extremely tired.

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