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Updated on February 26, 2019

Here We Go Again

Flying through life

Pretending we had wings

Off to a great start

Loving each other whenever the moments strikes

Holding each other

Because it feels right

Not following the world and it's people

Butting heads against stupidity

Doing the right thing

Even when it is not fashionable

Helping the other person

Even when it is not desirable

Finding peace

Living in happiness without the makeup and glamour

Plane Jane

Whiping the tears from my eyes after hearing a heart warming story

I am not your super hero

I am the crazy guy next door that talks too much

Loves too much

Plants plants that rather die than grow

Stops to wave

Leaves with a bigger smile than when I first came

Rushes around to do twelve things at once

Has an indoor cat

Loves his wife

More than she will ever know

Tells her often

Shows her every chance he gets

Firmly believes life is a gamble

Loves to try to beat the odds

Many times he loses

He will return again and again

Writing and doodling with his mighty pen

Talking about years ago

Blending in today with yesterday

Works hard

Finds a way

To turn the littlest thing

Into something incredible

He will be lost on a wild dream

Lives on the edge of fantasy and science fiction

If you ask hiim what's wrong

He wont hesitate to tell you

He is addicted to all people

In this wonderful life

The way they laugh

The way they smile

How good life is?

Shakes his head

If I can see it why can't they?


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      16 months ago

      lunaticdiaries You have once again revealed one of my many thoughts. Why? why? why? How? how? how? I continue to ask these questions every day. You clearly understand so much more than what I can and put all of it in such great words. Please continue. Don't stop there. Write and write more. You have to be your number one fan. Once you like yourself people will feel the vibe and follow or maybe not. You are o.k. with it either way. Some people will be able to move you in a direction that will benefit from other people will go in a whole different direction. You have to do what feels right deep down inside of you. You have so many great thoughts and ideas to share. It is a shame to see them disappear. Share, share, share. Many changes at work. Work picks up and writing slows down. I squeeze a poem in once and awhile. That makes me very happy. Thank you so much for being the first person to read and comment on my poem. A little snow and as beautiful as it is I am ready for Spring.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      16 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee Flying cats are the best. So now you have two cats. Cat stories how wonderful. They cheer me up on so many days. Miss Charlotte is off in our back room. She sometimes wants to secretly climb behind some old boxes and hide. Later she will come out to eat or wait to be patted. Like I am here and life revolves around her and only her. I am having a good day and hope all things are going well for you too. Thank you for your comment and sharing one of the many incredible, lovely days.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      16 months ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

      Lovely thoughts. I have flying cats here. My Sid and my kitty niece Oreo. They come, they eat and then go flying onto windowsills to get out and up on the roof again.

    • lunaticdiaries profile image


      16 months ago

      “If I can see it, why can’t they”

      I will speak only for myself, that life can be on autopilot sometimes. We put the faucet on to wash our hands or brush our teeth. The water runs, if only temporarily. How often do we stop to think where the water comes from, the pipes running underground & up into the house, how much fresh water is left in the world....the water leaving the house, where it’s going...etc

      When people are mad & find nothing good in life it’s because they are on autopilot. Maybe they are afraid to stop & feel, fearing they might miss a beat.

      Good write DreamOn


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