Till The Writing Do Us Smart

Updated on December 18, 2017

That's his "Girl Friday" and any other day till you writing do us smart and how on earth do we ever get a writers block.You earned it well Hemingway hurrah.

And the Winner is writers are Scott Fitzgerald the news greater then the Herald, J K Rowling she made a strike better then bowling for the love of books

She was in the Villa

Wearing her fine long

Chinchilla, Fairytale Fae

But inside she was

"Harrietta Rae"

The death to be book part she

noticed a sliding door A heart

moved inside the secret door

Her Long petticoat laced

Got caught on the floor

His eyes were thick to book her

She was against the wall Oh! Sir

the stock of books to be laid

English Tudor book house of maid's

Then she heard a knock at her door

A distinguished gentleman she raised

her brow and heard a shout her

tea whistled

So wary he looked bristled and she was

book disheveled the wall opened itself

You read into his act like a magician

So off again on again was eternal love

The same day being booked you got

stampeded again and snowed in

Day in and day out

the book was not completed

Life so unsuspected, or reading further on

did you really expect it

Or being taken in by it

Until death do us part only words talk

Inside the painting, book moved

Henrietta Rae the eighteenth century

Could play like objects an "Operetta"

A literary write until the death do

us part

Old spirited La Gazette her name

is Suzette

So Owl like but the ghostly writer

He had her mind of darkness

of crimes took over distressed

Digging on ten commandments

She only wanted compliments

She pulled the lever but she

felt hotter with his fever

There were all books in a vault

Who is the mystery writer at fault?

Ownership of books

more than there wifes

How love finds a place to the

very bookends.

Moving Mass Einstein holds the key

What's in the book well that depends

Like two trenchcoat's

with author suits on a hook

Religiously Zen, but with ulterior motives

books arrived in ten

Her home interior so bright eyes

so enthusiastic but he was inferior

with the ballpoint pen, he pressed her

Like a Depp actor mind way ahead

So for long such sadness, I'll be damned

so gloomed behind her

Heavy necklace weighed her down

That chain reaction her writers' block

She was stuck in his room by his

hands of the clock

Her long life pause her short book clause

And he's her spouse? Like a bookmark,

her tongue traveled but she couldn't help

to notice another sliding door

"Out of life"

"Not One life"

(Born to die)

Give something

A book to die for

But who do we live for?

Like a Jalapeno hell of reading so blunt

Fashionably late like Mr.Valentino book hunt

So fitting lifestyle in Florence her Coffee table

Your eyes of the "BeBook" holder

"The love camera"

Reads her like Tarantino but doesn't age

her to get older more book wiser

What holds to her grace of "Florentino"

books are like flavors

The wine and book taste like Gallo

Such an exquisitely beautiful painting Henrietta Rae brightness being charmed and darkness follows but she is in a spell so booked one turn of his page and then

How Scott Fitzgerald made it all happen he was waiting for a call.How the books of such enchantment he met his Zelda love uncertainty at first then bloomed.

How papers fly like for a second you could almost cry. Why is life full of frustration but when you finish for the love of details your heart jumped for joy.

Let's be honest we all earn something valuable in our lives. Keep on reading and believing in yourself don't leave a valuable words left on your shelf.

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 4 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Thanks again, I am feeling so great from everyone's comments it moves me more further to keep writing

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 weeks ago from Riga, Latvia

      Most interesting and creative.

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 5 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Yes, it's about writers and the Eighteenth Century and the women of feminism also incorporated art into it a different piece of work. I like to do variations of different things thanks for reading it

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 5 weeks ago from london

      Ummm... interesting one. For me a different style of writing. Pardon my ignorance. Are you speaking of books; writing; how we learn in life?

      Yes, most ideas are in the ether; in energy and have been done before. It is still an ever-transcending Universe and new ideas will come. Thank you.