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Till Death

Once again conflicted as my reflection glared back at me.

Observing the smile,

Which never faded even a smidgeon,

And the colors that faded with the passage of time,

The prospect of life without my other half is terrifying.

For the past few years, this has been a reality.

I zone out once more as I stare longer.

In a world where there were only the two of us,

With our hands clasped and smiles on our cheeks,

As I reach out to grasp the moment with my hands,

It flees, terrified.

I'm alone with my thoughts because you've left me alone.

And you, still smiling,

I'm not sure if that grin will last when I arrive to see you.

Because it had always been set aside for me

As I expose the feel of you in my arms through fresh tears,

I can't help but wish to meet you, if only for a moment,

I know life is harsh, it will make me suffer again.

Holding your face in my wrinkled hands,

I glance down at you.

Even if it's been years, your absence feels the same

I know better than to rush to meet you,

For we once pledged to never let go of life until death calls our names.

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