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Ticking Clock by Grace P

Each one of my poems and short stories are little pieces of my heart and soul. I don't like to share them but someone told me I should...

Ticking Clock

Watching the seconds

Keeping the time

Watching every moment

Like nails scratching a chalkboard

Stuck in the waiting room

Patience doesn’t come easy

In a fast past world

Full of instant gratification

Convincing ourselves that

The quick and easy way out

Or the loopholes could possibly be

The answer to the questions

Racing in persistence

Of that darkness

That continues to chase the white fog

That clouds the clarity

That begs to be revealed

That leaves us gasping for relief

Sitting in turmoil

Pulling at the strings

Slipping through the cracks

Grasping at the maestro’s coattails

And slowly crawling up

The excruciating steps of life

Gaining the strength to stand

And feeling the start of a steady pace

When we stopped watching the seconds

When we stopped counting the minutes

When we just listened to the flow

When we began to strum to the right beat

Breathing in just before the exhale

As the conductor took us through life

Sometimes quickly line by line

And sometimes slowly

Moment by precious moment

When we started living life again

© 2021 Grace Peterson