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Who Are You, Who Am I?

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


Psychic vampires drift like forgotten memories
Pulling out the soul rendering me speechless
A vacuum within time and space
Numbing curiosity settles upon the weary eye
Sounds mumbled dispirited snatches of endless conversation
My footsteps grudgingly pushing against the crowd
Who are you?
You visit me in my dreams
Hair slowly caressing my face
Your warm sweet breath whispers my name
Your touch electrifies
You're exquisitely crafted
I'm paralyzed with confusion
Yet you talk to me with your eyes
Friendship isn't just a word
It's a living breathing symptom of companionship
It's not a feeling
Yet it touches deeply
It's not an image
Yet it sees past imperfections
It's not a commodity
Yet it is given freely
It's not a right of passage
Yet it walks with you
It's not a visual desire
Yet it is readily available
It's not got a source of heat
Yet it gives warmth with a smile
It's not unfair or wrong
Because it is always true
Friendship transcends love
Contradicts understanding
Exemplifies intuitive acceptance
Consolidates allegiances
Displays social empathy
Grows stronger than any bond
Friendship is the first step towards all relationships that blossom into love and respect.

© 2018 Mark

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