A Dirge For The Dying Man

Updated on January 1, 2018

A Dirge for The Dying Man

Digging deep into my thoughts,

Reminiscing on the battles I've fought,

Memories of the people I've lost,

I'm weak, the hardened heart now all soft.

I'm rocking back and forth in this lazy chair,

Thinking hard, indeed, this chair and I are a lazy pair.

We connect, we bond, it's like we are glued,

But the truth is, I'm just too weak to move.

I look over my shoulders, at the shiny metal that sits next to me;

Wrinkles and frustration as the image portrays,

The exuberance of my youth no longer displayed,

Heartbreaks, betrayals, talk of them all;

Scars and healing wounds, I've had them all.

Loneliness now drains the energy deep within my bones,

Sucking the life out of me as it eventually grows.

Joe, Nick, Buddy and I, we once were like a family.

We played, we ate, we shared all moments together and we were happy.

Buddy, Joe is gone, Nick is no more, and I'm looking over your gravestone sadly.

Brought you flowers, came to say hi but unfortunately, I am lonely.

Waiting for time to pass me by, hoping to escape this fragility...

Of a body I now live in; I've lived well enough to know it's soon to come,

A time I will give up my spirit for the stars that overlook us.

My strength eludes me but I'm well deep within my heart.

© 2017 Krakye Omane Poku


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