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Thyself- Prismattic Ascension

Look for Beauty

"Each with our own unique perspective..."

"Each with our own unique perspective..."


Frustration mounts
As frequent doubts
Begin their rounds.
As if in the distance,
A train horn sounds.
Though, the space it takes
Is in the brain.
Creative energy sparks the flame,
Igniting the locomotive furnace
Of alchemical healing.
Perception, reflection,
Acceptance, and expression
Lead to ascension.
Together we make a whole,
Each with our own unique perspective.
Which, when brought together creates
A prism of enlightenment.
Release yourself from the judgment.
Thoughts are the clouds in the sky of cognition.
The more attention they gather,
The thicker the matter,
Making it's weight
Too heavy to hold.
Darkening your soul,
Making you feel cold.
If it's sitting too long,
You know it will mold.
Beware of the BS sold.
The profit's slim to none,
So don't be expecting gold.
Every moment you have a choice,
To pout or rejoice.
You ultimately decide
Which transactions to abide
And aline with as you define
Which aspects of your mind
Are worth the belief.
Fore love flows on the wind like a leaf.
Soaring daintily.
Nearly impossible to grasp
Out of the air, it's best to wait
Until it lands in your hand
As you move to where your heart leads.
Let life move you like the music.
There's rhythm to it,
Like the tic of a clock
As you rock to the tok
And feel the energy flock forth
With the force
Of gravity itself.
Grasp my outstretched hand,
Fore I'd love to help
Thee see the diamond in thyself.

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