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Thursday's Homily for the Devout, 3. An Offering to Linda Lum


Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"God's Love is for everybody. It is like the sun. A person has only to keep open the window of his heart to receive divine Love. When God's Love takes an intimate form, it is called Compassion. This Compassion is the most powerful attribute, the most significant attribute of the Supreme." -Sri Chinmoy


I Just Need to Hold You my Sweet

“Look at the moon when you miss Me,

Their crimson hue, will heal your scars.

Gaze deep into the lure of heaven,

The sound of My flute will resonate within.”

“I just need to hold You, my Sweet.

No need to drink of this bewildering wine.

It is enough that I sit at Thy feet, invited;

Gaze deep into the grandeur of Thy Light.

Molded in the agony of tears,

I wish only to touch You, to feel

The intimacy of Thy kisses, tenderly

Enhancing this breath of breaths.”

“Look at the stars when you miss Me,

Their enchanting twinkle, will dance

With the fireflies of thine Heart,

Pour balms into the wounds of thy longing.”

“O Love, carve the arrow of remembrance within,

So that I follow You like a dog does its master,

Constantly wagging its tail; glued with

The lamp of devotion in its core.”

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier, 27th December, 2018.


O Love, my Love, Come!

O Love, my Love, my own sweet Dove;

The Breath of Breaths, below, above.

When in ignorance I did fall,

You came in answer to my call.

Intoxicated I became,

Like children calling Mother’s name.

I drank my Lover’s vineyard bright,

Sweet wine of heaven, Love's Delight.

For You are ALL and ALL are You,

Erased desire; set me free.

Your minstrels play sweet melodies,

Inside my Soul, such rhapsodies!

Now drunk and reeling like a kite,

Soaked in the wine of Love’s own Light.

-Manatita, 24th December, 2018.


Wisdom from the Master

"Love can stay even with ignorance, but Compassion will not. Compassion has to be successful; otherwise it may be withdrawn. It will stay for a few seconds, or for a few minutes or a few years; but it has to send a report to the highest Authority and say whether it has been successful or not." -Sri Chinmoy

Lightworkers for God

© 2018 manatita44


manatita44 (author) from london on May 19, 2019:

I thank you, again, Ann.

I'm now playing the tape … soothing, peaceful. Necessary for a great Sunday, this mood. Relaxing! Gratitude.

Ann Carr from SW England on May 19, 2019:

I'm very late to this; apologies. It's a musical tribute to a lovely person - I have not met Linda but her comments are always gentle.

This has some beautiful imagery.


manatita44 (author) from london on December 31, 2018:

Thank you Eric. So glad you like my images. In Germany. Will visit you soo. Happy New Year !!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on December 31, 2018:

Love Linda. "Now drunk and reeling like a kite,

Soaked in the wine of Love’s own Light." Great summation of a beautiful piece.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 30, 2018:

Thank you, Linda.

Happy New Year 2019. May you coninue to experience Love and may It always guide your beautiful Heart.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on December 29, 2018:

Once again, you've shared some lovely thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful 2019, Manatita.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 29, 2018:

Thank you Peggy. Seasons Greetings. May you continue in inner abundance for 2019. May you life be filled with God,s blessing and Peace.

Thanks for your support.

Happy New Year!!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 29, 2018:

You always write the most beautiful poetry filled with such meaning. Wishing for you a year ahead with many blessings.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 29, 2018:

Thank you, Afia.

Welcome here.

Afia anjum from Bangladesh on December 29, 2018:


manatita44 (author) from london on December 28, 2018:

Thank you. Thank you Mrs L.

Not baking today? I need a nectarine cake. Haha.

Pretty quiet here in conservative Heidelberg. Nothing seems to move. Cold too.

Awaiting my friend to go to prayers.

So happy you liked the poetry. Bill thinks you are very special and so do I. More hope for continued inner abundance 2019. Let us give thanks and praise. Amen.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on December 28, 2018:

Manatita, what a beautiful article. I am touched. The first poem brings to mind Mary, the sister of Martha, sitting at the feet of Jesus. She recognized him as the Son of God and drank in His loving words. His perfect love fills us, lifts us (like a kite) from this world of sin.

Thank you for these. What a wonderful way to close this year. May God go with you and keep you safe in your travel.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 28, 2018:

Greetings from Heidelberg. I will remember you in my prayers tonight. Thanks for praising us both here. Linda is a loving soul.

We are all His. You, me and others. Our Lord is always merciful. Jai Ram! Love to the family.

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on December 28, 2018:

A sublime offering from a Noble Soul to another! I am blessed to know you both! What a wonderful gift for us all, for the last days of a blessed year!

Thank you, my Brother. "Inside my Soul, such rhapsodies!"

My Love embraces both, you beautiful Human-Divine beings!


manatita44 (author) from london on December 28, 2018:

Already here my Sweet Li-Jen. Preparing for our function tonight. So cool of you to analyse my poems.

Not quite but I do like your takes. Maybe Sean can collaborate.

The second was an offering to Linda at Christmas. The first is new. Happy that you like them.

Be careful. Your side of the world is full of news. Much Love Li-Jen.

Li-Jen Hew on December 28, 2018:

Hello Manatita, lovely offering to Linda. I like how you choose different themes for different offerings. I can feel the deepness of the Compassion in the first poem with your choice of words like wound, resonate within, scars. The second poem really shows that the persona is soaked in Love and he or she believes in the omnipresence of God as I see the words you are all and all are you. Thank you for sharing. Have a safe trip to Germany!

manatita44 (author) from london on December 28, 2018:

Ah Bill. Great friends indeed! I seem to walk with the right people. Thank you so much!

Hi Shauna.

Happy New Year!! Glad hou like the poems.

Continue to be your good self. God bless your noble Spirit. Peace!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on December 28, 2018:

Manatita, both poems are beautifully melodious. Linda's going to love this!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 28, 2018:

I have had the pleasure to meet with Linda on several occasions. I know her to be a loving, beautiful person. I say the same about you, Manatita. If a man is judged by his friends, I am a rich person.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 27, 2018:

Thank you, Ryan. Welcome here and a very Happy festive season and Happy New Year to you. Gratitude.

Ryan Jarvis Cornelius from Hollywood Florida on December 27, 2018:

This was amazingly written. Both of the pieces. I enjoyed reading it.

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