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A Thunderclap Dove

He heard a thunderclap
He knew something was going down
The word was real, destiny was a map
He knew why he would be sent
No time to argue, no time to fight
Receive the blessing, eat the sacrament

Hey Jesus, come here my son
I finally have a job for you
It’s gonna’ be rough, but you’re the one
I have to try something different
That rainbow was my mistake
There's no flood, there's no punishment

You know I can’t talk to them
It’s not their place anyway
They aren’t worthy, all they do is sin
You need to go instead
Tell them they need your help
They can’t earn it, they’re already dead

Do you know what incorporeal means?
It means I can’t be described
Yet they paint blasphemous scenes
Laying underneath a fresco ceiling
The words we gave them are enough
They’ll know when the paint starts peeling

You’re gonna’ be born to a virgin
Three Kings will read the signs
Then time will pass while you’re learnin’
We will be silent to humanity
They will wonder how you became
The carpenter to fix their insanity

Your eyes blazed with my light
You entered the water before him
And John cowered at your sight
For a moment his tongue was seized
Then, as he poured his water
A dove landed, as I’m well pleased

You wandered about, playing tricks
Confounding the Sanhedrin
But Moses without straw made bricks
They’ve seen it all before
Flaming hail and parting seas
What will you do, they will need more

It all seems so hopeless on the surface
I tied your hands with skin
A fast is the way to find your purpose
I sent you to save the scarred
Offer up life to the gentiles
Satan believes, but men remain on guard

So why’d you spare that Madonna?
Holy forgiveness, it’s walking on water
The people can’t help their persona
Judging one another, they have no tools
They eat in the dirt, boil their water
I know I created too many fools

But I see what you’re doing
Confounding all who ask
Your parables will be their undoing
How long will it take them
Their minds so full of confusion
Really, to love the tax man as a friend?

It is the vanity of modern man
To think they are so advanced
They are the same as Eve and Adam
Consumed with themselves
Making God’s of their thoughts
Mortals, thinking they’re something else

I am entering your mind now
Why are you still confused?
I told you I won’t break my vow
The words will come easily
Like the air that you breathe
And you will speak them peacefully

But there you go like I thought
You destroyed the temple
Proof that heaven can’t be bought
They will use it against you
A peacemaker does not anger
But you’re human, a demigod is always two

You were hard on that rich man
I know his heart well
His family is sad, he does the best he can
There are gifts with which some live
Not all of them are of wrong
You must have before you can give

I understand your frustration
They want tricks and magic
You preach forgiveness and salvation
This is why you must suffer
The world will see their sin
Only God’s son can make the offer

You showed Caiaphas who was King
But he is in this world
You watched Pilate kiss his ring
They played it shrewd
They said no King but Caesar
That’s why Pilate changed his mood

He tried to spare you, you had a choice
The Roman’s admired you
They heard me in your voice
But you did it your way
And took the whip hard
The people spared Barabbas that day

I decided to allow you to feel pain
And I know you are afraid
I cannot forsake plans already lain
To find life where there was none
This is their chance, my choice is made
Eternal life is for all, it is for everyone

Come to me my son in the night
Leave your body behind
I will tell you what is right
I spared Isaac from his father’s knife
I will not spare you
But life on earth is nothing but strife

They must see the crucifixion
Your clothes they divide
As the tomb awaits your resurrection
They know now what they do
I sent them a thunderclap
Their fear is real, my glory is true

When man prays to us now
They will ask you first
I will remember every broken vow
Why would you save
A man who denied you thrice?
It’s because you are the one who gave

Blessed are the peacemakers my son
There are no excuses
But greed makes them come undone
I will not destroy them
Noah begged me not to
But woah to the man who is not your friend

Give them their daily blood and bread
And our will considers it good
But Gabriel will remind of what they said
It is a good man who loves
And a wicked man who does not
That's why I sent you doves

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