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Through This Trial

Psalms 61:2

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

He cares.

He cares.


Right now you feel scared, out of breath, like you've been thrust into a lonely place you've never been before. You are weary, so weary that every fiber of your being is crying out for just a little amount of strength. Little is a lot, because bearing more without a little strength, the human heart cannot withstand.

Lonely? That seems irrelevant since everywhere you look people are there. Afterall you could even feel social and happy. Then why would lonely be mentioned anyway?

There may be lots of faces, but their senses do not feel your pain. Sure you have to surround yourself with their encouragement, but even their best intentions won't reach you in your perilous predicament.

Friend in a trial, the trial has its way of entering into a part of you and leaving you isolated without you even realizing it.

Now, you feel like you've been picked out for this, but never signed up for it.

Now, you feel others that live ruthless lives are prospering better than you.

Now, you've heard the doctor tell you or your family words that you never dreamed you'd hear.

Now, you or a loved is deteriorating before your eyes, yet you feel you have to sit back and hold it all together.

Now, you smile saturated in pain and continue as duty calls.

Now, you pray and don't always get the answer you were hoping for.

Now, tears flow spontaneously at the wrong times, so you pull yourself together and encourage others.

Now, the phone rings and you just lost someone you love.

Now, you cringe as more and more devistation drowns your days, you hold onto God and praise Him anyway.

Now, you quit focusing completely on your heartache and start channeling your pain into something that could change your life and others.

Now, you prayed with a lighter heart and praise came before complaints.

Now, the presence of God overshadows you and His grace is sufficient to stand the trials.

When a 28 year old mommy goes to Heaven.

When a 28 year old mommy goes to Heaven.



"Look at you, a specimen of suffering, a product of Satan's heavy blows! Look at you, I can't fathom how you made it through such torrential pressure.!"

It seemed the hounds of hell stayed on your trail and I see you still standing stronger, wiser, more anointed and full of substance that can only be found under pressure.

How beautiful are the feet of those that bring good tidings, after such personal heartbreak!

How awesome it is to see you smile, though you've tasted the bitter kiss of death, yet you let Him walk with you!

How excellent is His greatest, that He gave you healing and hope when you faced the impossible!

How amazing you are to not let your lots in this life make you bitter, but better for the advancement of others!

How did you do it? You hear it all the time, but consistently point to the grace of God and His supernatural strength.

How astonishing it was to see you climb out of the rubble, while others assumed your demise. Your face shown as if you had been with angels!

How heartbreaking to all as you laid your loved-one to rest, yet we watch you live your life with more purpose than ever before!

How did you make it through? We know... You let God carry you, you crumbled your humanity into His loving arms. We watched a testimony of a tribulation turned to triumph. A "now" turned to "how" God brought you through.

Elisha's club feet.

Elisha's club feet.

Through It All

Whatever you may be facing today remember, " You'll look back one day and see how God bent the bow of the enemy just for you."

When life just don't makes sense and there are riddles instead of rhymes, "Just look up." The answers in God's time.

Through It All By Selah

Through the Eyes of Faith

I believe in not what I can see

I hope for so much more than what seems reality

I see myself shouting at the end of this trial

Cause I know that after a while

Miracles happen ... through the eyes of faith

By Candace Green

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