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Through The Windowpane


Rondeau poem

While being on lockdown in these tough times I have written this poem in the French Rondeau style.

I have added another more light hearted poem that I wrote at the start of the panic buying.

Through The Windowpane

Through the windowpane, to my world outside

While the virus roams, I must stay inside.

My grandkids put their fingers to the pane

But not allowed to enter my domain.

I hope it’s soon that we can turn the tide.

I see them in the garden side by side

Behind the glass my tears I try to hide

To not hold them, is driving me insane

Through the windowpane.

I have to put my selfish thoughts aside

The window is my physical divide.

If I can just stay strong and fight the pain

I know one day we’ll cuddle once again

The world will come out the other side.

Through the windowpane

To Buy Or Not To Buy

All this panic buying

Are you joining in the race?

Just like that age old saying

Cut off your nose to spite your face.

The adrenalin is pumping

I am running with the sheep.

Like the game show on the telly

Called supermarket sweep.

What is it with the toilet rolls?

It really is a farce

I have nothing for my dinner

But I now can clean my a**e.

I’ve a trolley full of kettle crisps

And pot noodles by the score.

I’m going to go and load the car

And then go back for more.

What will I go for this time?

It’s going to my head.

I only came into the shop

To buy a loaf of bread.

I have to stop this buying

Before it gets to late

I think the best thing I can do

Is go self-isolate.

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