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Through The Moon and The Sun (Poem)


Up in the night sky and the day sky,

you'll see two main sources of light.

The sun that is so hot and shines so bright,

and the moon that is so cold and glows so graceful.

The Sun always helps the Moon to glow,

even in the darkest times He gave him light every night.

The Moon appreciated Him with all its heart,

and they love each other by their presence.

Does the Sun dim?

What if the Sun runs out of energy?

Will the Moon stay?

What if the Moon disappeared in the Sun's darkest times?

We've been together for a long time,

through thick and thin we survived in every journey we passed.

We choose to stay together,

and learn from our mistakes.

We're far to each other now,

We've not seen each other for such a long period of time.

Through the moon and the sun,

I wonder how you have been.

Even though we are far away from each other,

We tend to choose happiness over one another.

Everytime I see you,

I always feel that I'm not alone.

In your darkest times,

how I wish I'm there to wipe your tears away.

In your saddest days,

how I wish I'm there to hug you by your side.

The cold wind air touches my skin,

and your scent passes through my nose.

The warm kisses and tight hugs you gave,

and the energy that passes through my nerves.

The stories that came out of your mouth,

and your laughs and giggles that made me smile.

The eyes of yours that I always want to see,

and your hand that I always want to touch.

You are such a wonderful creation,

you are the one that I mostly admired.

You are worthy than you think,

you are better than you imagine.

© 2021 Luckyfortom Malidom Salbino


Sophos on September 05, 2021:

Love it ❤

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