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Through Life Time Marches On


Time marches on
and we go bravely with it.
We toot our own horns
and march in our own parades.
We do all that we can,
to make our lives a joy.
Time marches on,
we cannot stop it -
but we can make it worth every minute.
Be young at heart,
never stop enjoying living.
Blow your bugles
and sound your trumpets.
Time marches on -
but we can dance with it.
Life is full of marvels
and wonders,
let’s enjoy every moment while we can.
So as time marches on,
let’s march right along.
We can’t stop time -
but we can make a party of it.
Let’s enjoy,
let’s live,
let’s be,
let’s find the rainbow’s end -
as time marches on.

© 2021 Gypsy Rose Lee

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