Through Hell Once I Passed

Updated on December 19, 2017
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Shafqat Mushtaq is author of poetry book 'Spring Thoughts: in summer light.' He has 3 year experience as Freelance Writer, and Essayist.

Hush! Fear when recall, through hell once I passed
Creation of man, apparition insane, humanity on wane
It braced the devil-canopy, I remember, the man-eater ...
A burst of thunders wild, that thrashed my eardrum,
Of carpet bomb, dive-bomb and land mine branded!
Devastates, it sparkles and strengthens evil-creations
And hell may soon clutch, engulf what`s humankind.
Horror of nonstop stretch of bullet lines appear,
When you cross across the border of country, I swear!

Quiver! I saw the corpse of soldiers, some men-at-arms
Parading, saluting the coffin, their forms stalwart and crafty
Something I must say: air-and-flag and forgetting alarms.
I leave to depart, then lost stars, and night of horror storm
In fear and shiver it engulfed me, and I ramble when I say
I mourned over the demise of hero, ah, what loyalty ...
And protested and cursed the worst other`s cruelty ...
I remotely commiserated with family on horrific grief
Then night of sorrow, horror-storm, enveloped me.

By days light, after nights astray, I mounted the hilltop
And standing by edge, what I saw, shattered my courage,
Funerals ... not one, or two … in numbers over-the-top
Expands towards horizons both, and pictures uniform outrage.
I remember the terrors dark clouds spread across the sky,
So did the corpses, swept across the border, by flood of tears.
Way back home the joy of birth-and-groom disappears
Tears flood, destroy the joy of flowers yet not bloom,
And newborn crouches beside her mother`s black-gloom.
A fetus awaits its arrival, no finger but left to hold its hand.

I saw shuddering hands and trembling feet of mother,
And she kissed and kissed her dead son, death indeed.
Sad are the neighbors though, reality is they bother ...
A wife cries and shouts and strikes her head to bleed.
Her cries repeat her loss of hope ... sympathy, empathy,
For days two, then left alone, struggle and die in chasm,
And yet man-eater non-stop blows dire pains of spasm.
Can spasms of pain anyone alleviate, no, let world realize,
It isn`t the soldiers of two countries the humanity itself,
That dies away when battles beguile the war-mongers.
I dredge up the memories of wars and boundaries with grief,
Trickling down my pen and I snatch a transient remorse!
You decide the fate, okay, see at least two faces of coin,
And mourn never one, two they are. I shiver when I recall,
Through hell once I passed ...

© 2017 Shafqat Mushtaq


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    • Shafqat Mushtaq profile image

      Shafqat Mushtaq 4 weeks ago from Handwara, Jammu and Kashmir, India

      Thank you, Robin Carretti, there is always room for light when everything around is dead dark.

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 5 weeks ago from Hightstown

      This is the heck of a double damn perfect poem of writing every word to me was a dark tunnel adventure such darkness prevails through your writing its divine in a spiritual dark way. I most definitely enjoyed this new read.

    • profile image

      Robinreenters 5 weeks ago

      How you brought to my attention the brutally that was from before and still going on now we are still at war. Very intense read it certainly hit a nerve and you deserve a great rating for your divine work