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Three Short and Unique Love Poems

My love for poetry is beyond eternal and I believe poetry speaks louder than words. Poetry is my life and peace of my soul.


I will still be found Inside You

I feel you in my soul,

I see you all around,

You are my reason to smile,

You are my wish to live,

You are my world,

You are my breath,

You are everything I ever prayed for,

You are my peace and my light,

You are me and I am you ,

"We", so strong,

No one can ever dare to break us through,

Because what we have is love so pure and so true,

If I ever lost myself,

I will still be found inside You!


When You say I Love You

When you say I Love You to me,

The time stands still,

My heart transcends to heavens,

Your voice creates an inexplicable magic,

And I am often left wondering,

Is that your heart or my soul,

What has made us one ?

I can read your eyes and you peep into my soul,

I have no words to thank the almighty,

Who with his magic has made two souls so united yet so free,

When you say I Love You ,

Life looks beautiful and the happy tears say,

Yes! He is the one with a heart made just for me,

To give that love which is beyond explanation and yet so true .


Words for My Daughter

One day , when I will be grown up as a beautiful mother,

One day, when I will have a little cute daughter just like me,

But I will make her much wiser than me when it comes to love,

The world is full of jerks who take innocent girls as plaything,

They play with their heart and let them bleed,

But then I will tell her about You,

Her proud father,

Who taught me what is love,

Who found me when I was lost,

Who made my life heaven,

Who held my hand to uplift me,

Who nurtured me like a baby,

And made me his forever.

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