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Thousands of Words Left Unsaid

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

Don’t leave it all unsaid

Don’t leave it all unsaid

I wish I could've said,

these thousands of words

I left unsaid.

I wish you could hear

the voice behind

my silence.

I wish I'd dared to tell you how much I appreciate you.

I wish I could've told you how I feel.

The way I always wished I could.

Alas, you're no longer here, and

I alone in the darkroom,

with tears in my eyes,

a heart full of love and sadness

both at the same time,

I think of you.

Your name is whispered.

Ah! I think you can't hear my voice.

I know you live so far away.

I know it's a long journey to get to you.

I've to go back in time.

I wish you were here with me,

You moved me to tears,

You were my closest companion,

My secret guardian.

You were like the key to a locked door.

My heart, the locked door

I know that no one can ever replace you.

You're and always will be in my heart.

Time has separated us.

I only wish I could see you in real.

Yes, dreams help me from time to time.

I wish I could've told you

how precious you're to me.

In my dreams, I tell you every day,

I wonder if my words have reached you yet.

I have got a feeling in my heart,

You knew that I cared,

You already knew I loved you.

I'm only sorry that all my efforts to ease your suffering were in vain.

That's why my eyes are moist.

I'm sure that one day I'll see you again.

Then time will stand still.

The sea will be pristine.

The sky will be dark.

But it'll be surrounded by millions of stars.

The day I can see you with love in your eyes

When we'll hold hands

when time stands still

and the rest of the world goes into standby mode.

I'll tell you my story while sitting on the beach.

How did I make it in this world without you?

How your love inspired me to be strong and stand firm.

I want to see you again someday, and

Then time will stop forever, and there will be no more goodbyes.

We'll begin an eternal journey... One day, soon!

In the mental disturbance and effort of writing, what sustains you is the certainty that on every page there is something left unsaid.

— Anonymous

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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