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Thoughts of Today

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I woke up this morning and thought, “This ain’t right.

This wasn’t what I had planned for my life.

By this age I should be set. A graduate with a career, a mom, and a wife.”

But that’s not how it went, and I’ll never understand why

Because I never forgot my one rule to live by:

“Don’t be a statistic!”

A smart A\B honor roll kid, with no good reason, I just up and quit.

Got that GED certificate. Statistic #1, Check.

A sweet virgin of great intent but I drank too much and there it went.

Not much that recollect. Statistic #2, Check.

Playin’ Moms ‘cause the old man was gone and Mam worked and stayed out ‘til dawn.

Being sister privileges wrecked. Statistic #3, Check.

And later, against every belief in my soul, had an abortion at 25 years old.

Just like murder, it makes me sick. Statistic #4, Check.

In third grade, had my plan down cold but in that higher learning institutes,

Not once, twice, but three times, I quit. Statistic #5, Check.

Sayin’ hello to the drama of the barrio everyday as a young chica, I thought,

“It’s not that bad but I’ll get out just the same.”

And when I finally did, I soon returned ‘cause I missed my barrio

Even though it’s filled with unnecessary death, I’ll love it ‘til my least breath.

Statistic #6, Check.

So, I continued down the list and somewhere I lost count but who really cares

‘Cause from here, “Where do I go,” I must ask.

The answer, “Forward on my straight and narrow path. I just happened to get a little sidetracked.

© 2022 Angel

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